Lazy days flow by

When the going gets tough…

Posted on: November 27, 2007

….the tough go shopping. Do you buy this crap? Does the captain of an icebreaker ship goes to his cabin and sing karaoke when he hits an iceberg? Well, surprisingly things like this happen, just look at Titanic, the three stooges still play music amidst the mayhem! Thats  classified as urban legend nowadays.

My point is people do the darnedest thing at the darnedest moment. I can give your tons of examples, but that would be redundant as you have read so many of them bizarre stories elsewhere.  And my point is…..damn… where am I, oh yes, my point is sometimes I just dont have a darn thing to write about and that’s what I call hitting a wall! Some jerks use “writer’s block” as an excuse when their head is blank as a sheet of transparent paper. I mean, how pathetic is that. Its going to make them look sillier than Forrest Gump trying to give a speech in the parliament.

If you cant write just hit the sack and call it a day even if its right in the middle of your siesta. Yeah, just go on snoring until the sun sets. Then take off your sombrero covering your face and continue to snore, senor!

If I have the so-call “writer’s block”, I’d just pass my time  hitting YouTube or read Shakespeare’s insults. Honest! Its better than snoring and end up with sleep apnea (is that a disease? Snoring kills!).

Actually I’ve read many blogs and those that suck, really suck. You get rantings


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