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Kubah National Park

Posted on: April 19, 2009

A delightfully small park, the Kubah National Park is just 22 kilometres out of Kuching, and a half an hour drive away.  The park encompasses three hills ranging from 150 to 450 metres high, and is thus not a very strenous climb to the top, besides, the trails are clearly cut out and signages placed strategically along the way.
There are several trails of varying length from less than a kilometres to 5 kilometres, mostly through shaded path. Where the gradients are too steep, steps and even railing and ropes are provided to assist climb.  Depending on one’s fitness, the longest trail, the Summit Trail takes about 5 hours to and fro.  The Selang Trail rewards its climbers with panoramic views of the landscape and the nearby South China Sea, while the Waterfall Trail has a refreshing swimming and bathing area.
The Kubah National Park is also a botanist’s paradise, in that it has a research resource centre and all the plants are clearly marked with its scientific names.  It is also a site where a large variety of palm exist in its natural environment, many of which are observable at close quarters.

Kubah National Park is only 22 kilometres from the city of Kuching. It is an ideal place to witness the wonders of the tropical rainforest, its fauna and flora, many of which even the locals are often ignorant about.


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