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10 reasons why you West Malaysian should visit Sarawak

Posted on: April 20, 2009

10 reasons why you should visit Sarawak
1. We are even more multi cultural than you. How many native ethnicity can you count in Selangor or Pahang, five, eight ten? We need all the fingers on our  four limbs to count and that is  still not enough, and each has a distinct language and traditions
2. out largest national park the lanjak entimau is 20 times the size of your biggest National Park the Taman Negara. Though off limit to normal visitors, you can visit our award winning world heritage Mulu National Park. where the cave is so huge 70 Boeing 747 can be parked inside there, that’s the whole fleet of Tony Fernandez with room to spare
3. Our simian colony is more spactacular than yours. We have visitors who swear they fly halfway round the world to gawk at the orangutan and the probosis monkeys, who chose to live in our island Borneo and no where else.
4. Our air is fresher, take a hike to Kubah NationalPark just 20 minutes out from kuching and see the spectacle of the rain forest and be ensconced in the creature comfort of your hotel room in downtown kuching within 45 minutes, if you so want.
5. Our natives practise “open house” 365 days a year. Any day just step on to the ruai of a longhouse, and be greeted by friendly and chatty locals.
6. We have a to-die-for food list, foreigners swear by the best laksa in the world and our unique kolomee.  For more gung-ho culinary experience take a side trip to savour the gregarious Foochow town of Sibu, where shoulder slapping starts right after the introductory hand shake where hosts will ridicule your dietary plans and  then throw them asunder.
7. Every July we get the whole bohemian music scene of the world agog with our World Rainforest Music Festival, where Carribean reaggae artists with dreadlock rub shoulders with balalaika strumming pale russian, and svelte Vietnamese ladies strange looking guitar, and modern day hippies congregate by the thousands for three days of brotherhood, sisterhood and peace very woodstock-esque if you ask me, but no dadah.
8. Don’t beleive a word they say of high cost of living. In kuching you can have five star htoel at three star KL price. You buy meals with loose change and transport is so cheap you wonder why KL cabbie complain of a hard life.
9. We are on the same frequency. we speak Manglish too! and can change to Singlish if you want, at the drop of a songkok. Of course if you want to be formal we speak bahasa too. we re equally at home with Bahasa Malaysia.
10. We dont pull a fast one. there may be some bad apples but generally Sarawakian are decent people. We have comparitively low crime late compare to semananjung, drug addicts are rarer than our endangered specie of orangutan
11. That crazy guy Tony Fernandez  keeps giving  out free air ticket, only you gotta stake him out. Latest news is that Idris Jala also want to give free cheap tickets.
12. Ooops, I was suppose to stop at ten, but hey, what’s throwing in one more free eh?

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