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This slithery lizard darts about on the jungle floor and feed on tiny insects, but gets fed on in turn by the monkeys and larger birds in the park.


This jungle fowl is call crested fireback, and is a common sight in tropical jungle.



Colourful caterpillars crawls along the jungle floor of Kubah National Park. This one is at least six inches long.

10 reasons why you should visit Sarawak
1. We are even more multi cultural than you. How many native ethnicity can you count in Selangor or Pahang, five, eight ten? We need all the fingers on our  four limbs to count and that is  still not enough, and each has a distinct language and traditions
2. out largest national park the lanjak entimau is 20 times the size of your biggest National Park the Taman Negara. Though off limit to normal visitors, you can visit our award winning world heritage Mulu National Park. where the cave is so huge 70 Boeing 747 can be parked inside there, that’s the whole fleet of Tony Fernandez with room to spare
3. Our simian colony is more spactacular than yours. We have visitors who swear they fly halfway round the world to gawk at the orangutan and the probosis monkeys, who chose to live in our island Borneo and no where else.
4. Our air is fresher, take a hike to Kubah NationalPark just 20 minutes out from kuching and see the spectacle of the rain forest and be ensconced in the creature comfort of your hotel room in downtown kuching within 45 minutes, if you so want.
5. Our natives practise “open house” 365 days a year. Any day just step on to the ruai of a longhouse, and be greeted by friendly and chatty locals.
6. We have a to-die-for food list, foreigners swear by the best laksa in the world and our unique kolomee.  For more gung-ho culinary experience take a side trip to savour the gregarious Foochow town of Sibu, where shoulder slapping starts right after the introductory hand shake where hosts will ridicule your dietary plans and  then throw them asunder.
7. Every July we get the whole bohemian music scene of the world agog with our World Rainforest Music Festival, where Carribean reaggae artists with dreadlock rub shoulders with balalaika strumming pale russian, and svelte Vietnamese ladies strange looking guitar, and modern day hippies congregate by the thousands for three days of brotherhood, sisterhood and peace very woodstock-esque if you ask me, but no dadah.
8. Don’t beleive a word they say of high cost of living. In kuching you can have five star htoel at three star KL price. You buy meals with loose change and transport is so cheap you wonder why KL cabbie complain of a hard life.
9. We are on the same frequency. we speak Manglish too! and can change to Singlish if you want, at the drop of a songkok. Of course if you want to be formal we speak bahasa too. we re equally at home with Bahasa Malaysia.
10. We dont pull a fast one. there may be some bad apples but generally Sarawakian are decent people. We have comparitively low crime late compare to semananjung, drug addicts are rarer than our endangered specie of orangutan
11. That crazy guy Tony Fernandez  keeps giving  out free air ticket, only you gotta stake him out. Latest news is that Idris Jala also want to give free cheap tickets.
12. Ooops, I was suppose to stop at ten, but hey, what’s throwing in one more free eh?
A delightfully small park, the Kubah National Park is just 22 kilometres out of Kuching, and a half an hour drive away.  The park encompasses three hills ranging from 150 to 450 metres high, and is thus not a very strenous climb to the top, besides, the trails are clearly cut out and signages placed strategically along the way.
There are several trails of varying length from less than a kilometres to 5 kilometres, mostly through shaded path. Where the gradients are too steep, steps and even railing and ropes are provided to assist climb.  Depending on one’s fitness, the longest trail, the Summit Trail takes about 5 hours to and fro.  The Selang Trail rewards its climbers with panoramic views of the landscape and the nearby South China Sea, while the Waterfall Trail has a refreshing swimming and bathing area.
The Kubah National Park is also a botanist’s paradise, in that it has a research resource centre and all the plants are clearly marked with its scientific names.  It is also a site where a large variety of palm exist in its natural environment, many of which are observable at close quarters.

Kubah National Park is only 22 kilometres from the city of Kuching. It is an ideal place to witness the wonders of the tropical rainforest, its fauna and flora, many of which even the locals are often ignorant about.



A self-help book sums this up as its title. 30 seconds only is all you have to get your message across. If you do not catch his attention within this brief time frame, you lost him. Period.

The message is simple, if you want to communicate with your listener, string your words or sentences in the most powerful, simple and direct yet attention catching way, all in thirty seconds. so that once his attention is grabbed, you can proceed to continue from there. The first 30 seconds is the crucial part. this is especially true for telemarketers and cold call salepeople. A boring start, a hesitation, a stall, are all you need to get a “thanks but no thanks”

I know this blog is kinda slow, but I couldnt help it as I was afflicted with a malaise common among bloggers and its call the Lazy Momentum Syndrome. Its not a contagious disease, but grows out of one’s psyche once inaction sets in.

Basically, it spread like this: You just finished a blog which you are pretty smug about, and is thinking of repeating the feat, only you want it to be better. Two hours later, you are still watching Shakira jiggling her hip in YouTube. Two days later, you’re entangled in a flaming war in a religious chat room in Yahoo Messenger. Two weeks later, you dont even remember you’re suppose to write. Two months later, you suddenly remember! That’s how it happen.

Actually in between those times, there were so many occations in which I had the winning phrases I wanted to put in writings, when I was driving or sitting on the porcelian throne in the morning. If only I have a recorder then, this blog would be much longer. For the time being, this is what I have to offer. Bye, I’m off to YouTube now, see you in two months time.

The other day when I was mmat in actioninding my own business driving on a straight stretch of highway, sudden from out of no-where, two Evel Knievel wannabes zoomed pass me with one wheel in the air, the classic pose and signature antics of the Mat Rempits. I was shaken but thanks to my 30 yrs experience in driving, I recovered my composure and blare my horn in a reflex action.  Now in good ol’ Malaysia, a horn is something you dont use on another road user, its for scaring the dogs and cats off the driveway, and calling your wife to hurry up because you’re late. On another road user, its just like telling him to piss off. Which was why the pillion riding daredevil gave me the middle finger as they zipped off. They were probably late for the glue smelling session with their cronies, which explained why they didnt stop me to give me a closer look at his offending finger.

I thought the Mat Rempit phenomenon was a passing fad and soon everything should cool down. How wrong I was that afternoon. I believe some of you may have the misfortune of encountering these highway hoodlums and even killed one or two running over them in an accident. But the sad state of affair of this issue is that Mat Rempits are here to stay, whether you like it or not. Unless the government come ban motor bikes outright, which is impossible as trying to ban Malaysian eating nasi lemak because is bad for your health. So we are left with no choice but to be unwilling spectators of these unlicenced stuntmen.

But couldnt we do something? Couldnt the govt do something? Like getting them to do their act in a no-hold-barred race in the Sepang Circuit, so that they can maim themselves (and live to regret for the rest of their miserable lives), or get some Hollywood Stuntmen Guild to organise a recruitment drive here and exile them off to sunny California. This will also increase the Gross National Produce of Malaysia. Which is much better than enrolling them as UMNO members, for what do these hell rider know about back-stabbing, blatant lying and two-timing their spouses (at least not yet).

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